Festive Lights Games Staff

We’re a colourful group

Who are we?  


BlueGraham Wiebe (Blue): Effects, and art


GreenJames Gudge (Green): Full time programmer and co-founder of Festive Lights Games, Green started his development in video games just prior to completing college. He had a dream to create video games since he was a young, and after working for a game company as a programmer for two years and seeing the amazing world of development, he immediately fell in love with game design and programming. Sketchbooks filled and his head full of ideas, his desk stocked with energy drinks and notepads to sketch and calculate, his Rift Dev Kit 2, drawing pad and gamepad at the ready, nothing stops him from constructing his ideas, and bringing his thoughts to life. A wizard with code and also, just a really cool dude.

OrangeOrange: 3D Artist


PurplePurple: 2D Artist : Once upon a time, there was an artist known as Purple. Purple enjoyed the finer things in life, like markers and rainbows and instant hot chocolate. She created art every day, seeking to become a masterful art pixie who would bring joy to all who looked upon her work. And so she stepped into the wonderful world of game design to imbue all pixels with just a little bit of soul, allowing each one to tell its story. Like how maybe it used to be a grey pixel, but now it is Purple.