Upcoming Updates, what’s planned?

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In the series of important changes in the upcoming updates there are many, many exciting additions, but what’s planned exactly?

AGTTDS is an RTS game that will feature quick-build, micro action support. The goal is to offer an RTS strategy previously unknown to the IOS and Android platforms, a game that totally doesn’t suck.

So what’s been missing from the game up until now?

To begin with, although sandbox building is rather interesting to play around with, it doesn’t really lend itself well to demonstrating what the game is supposed to be like, we’re missing one core feature; Combat.

In the next update of AGTTDS I’ll be introducing destructible buildings, a basic objective, enemies to do the damage, a wave combat system, repairing your buildings, a new defensive tower building, and much, much more.

In one of the largest AGTTDS updates yet, we’re finally entering the territory for what can be considered a “game” rather than a tech demo, and I’m excited to see the feedback received on this. I’m in the process of testing a new map rather than a blank red-lined territory. This should make things more interesting than staring at a slate-gray background.

All this is coming in a week-long development cycle, quite a bit is already accomplished through one day of work, see below!


The building that damages itself, truly useless

Look at those Chucks build and repair!

If you or a friend is interested in signing up for the Closed Alpha, you can do so right now! Email green@festivelightsgames.com with your Google Play account email and we’ll add your email to our list of active alpha testers, real quick, real simple! You’ll get a link to the official Google Play store page where you can download once you’ve accepted the Alpha Tester Terms and Conditions.


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