An experiment in

“Why am I so bad at this”


Darkness of the maze:

Your ship is self-illuminated, the light from your ship won’t help you.


With a checkpoint system and a unique level transition system, visuals and gameplay wind together to make an experience that will keep you playing for hours.


Scrapping your ship is no big deal. The only enemy you have is yourself. It’s just you and the maze. If you scrap it, just do it better next time, you have only yourself to blame.


With a map editor that allows you to create and share your maps with friends and online, an arena mode, controller support for up to four players, couch multiplayer modes that include battle royale versus, powerup versus, and racing modes, all included alongside the singleplayer puzzle mode, there’s no end to the replayability.


To play the online demo, click here!

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