Progress? We’ve got it!

So what have I been up to for the past few days?

I’ll summarize it just this once;

  1. Performance improvements
  2. New hazard is introduced!
  3. Level loading system is much more streamlined
  4. Adding in ability to share your levels over a worldwide network. (Ratings, downloads, stats!)
  5. Refined some of our pre-existing levels
  6. Map Editor is functioning and letting you save your levels to disk in xml format currently
  7. Some levels are now restricting which bullets you get
  8. Since bullet types can be restricted, I added a bullet pickup that allows a certain colour back into the game
  9. Colour coded destructible walls!

We’re working hard to keep this momentum going, and we’re excited to let you all know more when we can.  Blue and I spend almost two hours every week discussing the future of the project and what we’d like implemented. We’ve come up with a couple of unique and super interesting features that help make the game even more unique. We’re hashing out a story for the game so it isn’t simply arcade chaos (even though chaos can be insanely fun).




Keep up to date with us as we post more progress here, we’ve got a lot on our development plate 🙂


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