PegJam 2015 And Electric Scubaloo!

This past weekend Festive Lights Games members Blue and I participated in the local Winnipeg Game Jam, also known as the PegJam. The jam lasted 72 hours and produced a number of excellent games which you can see over here;

Our entry was a deep-sea diving, competitive treasure collecting adventure called Electric Scubaloo which pits two players against each other using electrified harpoons as weapons. The game was designed for use with the Winnitron but can also be played using Xbox controllers. The quick-paced action game lasts only two minutes, and the competitive gameplay is tough, yet fair.

Gameplay consists of diving to collect the coins that spawn. Being shot with the harpoon stuns you and drops 1/4th of your treasure. Your air bar is directly above your player, and depletes as you’re underwater. Collecting bubbles or returning to the surface recovers your air so you can return to hunting treasure and your opponent. Drowning however incurs a steep penalty! You drop 100% of your treasure and are stunned for a duration after you’re respawned. The player with the most treasure at the end of the game is crowned the winner!

Coming soon will be a post-mortem for the event, and more information will be posted here on the topic as soon as it’s over.


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If you want to play the game, it’s located here;

Check it out, we worked hard on it!



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