Ludum Dare 32

As part of the worldwide game jam Ludum Dare, I participated in Ludum Dare 32 as a member of the compo.

Ludum Dare is a game making competition with two parts; the first is the Compo, which is a 48 hour from-scratch solo competition. You make all your materials from scratch using tools and your own skills. The second part is the 72 hour Jam, which allows you and friends to make a game together. It’s a day longer, and allows you to collaborate on a project that’s much more refined and polished.

The entry that I’ve submitted was a platformer action puzzler under the Competition’s theme “An Unconventional Weapon”. Using MagicaVoxel, Blender, Unity3d and few other tools, i worked for 48 hours straight on my submission.

After a tiring and complicated time involving lots of pizza, coffee and soda, I got the game done and submitted. Ludum Dare was an amazing time, and I would never hesitate to do it again given the chance.

You can view and rate my entry here, and play the version hosted on Newgrounds here.


Hub room


I had a blast, and I’ll be participating in a talk on the 30th at a local college about it. Hope you enjoy playing my 48 hour submission as much as I enjoyed making it.


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