AGTTDS Release pre-Alpha 0.24 Patchnotes

What’s new?

New Splash logo
– About time

Continued UI additions
– Main menu, isn’t pretty, but works for now
– New Icon
– Modified Debug Menu to allow Main Menu
– UI slide in/out greatly sped up to allow micro-level actions
– 2 levels of importance for menus, fast and slow menus so we can appreciate cool transitions

Data-driven buildings
– Xml based database now implemented
– Buildings take their info from a localized database, may move it to server-side if needed
– Brand new stats are added to the buildings, many of which do nothing right now
– Gold output is much, much different for gold mines
– Laser Fenceposts now build much, much slower to emphasize their weight in setting up defenses

Fixed issue where building placement would be targeted directly under your thumb
– Offset the build position to make building placement more visible

New Particle effect as feedback for building
– Buildings take longer to build and sometimes look like they’re not constructing, this should help

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