AGTTDS Release pre-Alpha 0.23 Patchnotes

What’s new?

Ui overhaul
– I never liked doing ui, BUT this was kind of fun, flow should be better and much, much more functional than it was before

Town Hall overhaul
– Doesn’t look like a spaceship anymore!

Finally changed single tap and double tap around
– Many people were complaining that the movement and interaction didn’t flow intuitively, swapped around single tap and double tap functionality.
– Let me know if this helps playstyle

Removed Spawn Chuck button
– Single tap on town hall once completed building to spawn a Chuck
– TAP!!!! As long as you have gold for it, tap like a mad(man/woman/person) and Chucks will spawn!

Readjusted Town Hall build effort
– Was originally set extremely low for testing reasons. This should make the Town Hall feel more important

Reduced number of starting Chucks to 1
– Go earn some gold to earn a new chuck

Reduced starting gold amount
– Was originally at 8000g, reduced starting amount to 400g, enough for 2 additional Chucks when you have the Town Hall constructed

Removed Sun Lamp from top-right of play area
– Was originally to test out a future planned feature
– Wonder what that feature could be

Debug Menu
– Automatically assigning Chucks has moved to a debug menu, located bottom-middle of screen
– Resetting Chucks’ jobs is now doable through the debug menu
– Quitting is enabled through debug menu

Quitting fully featured now
– Hitting back button triggers quit menu
– Quit menu can also be accessed through the debug menu for now

Minor tweaks to Chucks
– Now 100% more likely to get your girl

Started work on some Google Sheets integration to hopefully start resource requirements for constructing buildings soon

As always, feedback can be submitted to
(I read it all)

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