AGTTDS Release pre-Alpha 0.21 Patchnotes

New Building!
Laser Fencepost has been added, restricts movement when connected to another post less than 15 meters away

*** Be Careful ***
There currently isn’t any building destruction implemented, and you cannot disable the fences at the moment. It’s entirely possible to accidentally wall off your Town Hall, preventing any extra chucks from entering the main play area
New feature!
Building Guide
-When placing a building, a line-guide will display, alerting you to the fact that the two buildings are exactly lined up.

-If you were tired of buildings not lining up precisely, or having issues due to angle of view, this is going to help you out.

-Makes lining up fenceposts a breeze.

Application Quit!
-You can now quit the application using your back button
-Quitting is single tap for the moment, so be careful not to accidentally push it until I get a doubleTap feature in place
-Placed building ghost now places center of screen instead of
-Better initial valid placement check
-Expanded valid play area from 76.3m^2 to 80m^2, more area to place buildings
-Replaced Town Hall in a more centered position graphics-wise
-Chucks now no longer get pushed around by building ghosts
-Building ghosts are now much more immediately visible
-Removed building construction site rising from ground, didn’t fit with style
-Lasers will prevent building placement, but will allow the connecting lasers to intersect
-Sun Lamp in top-right of map is substantially larger and harder to build. (gonna need a bunch of Chucks)
-Disabled grid as new feature, Building Guide eliminates the need for it
-Counter at top of screen now properly counts the number of Chucks in your army.
-Camera moved 5m higher, allowing more visibility of buildings
As always, any feedback or bugs can be submitted to me at

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