Upcoming Updates, what’s planned?

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In the series of important changes in the upcoming updates there are many, many exciting additions, but what’s planned exactly?

AGTTDS is an RTS game that will feature quick-build, micro action support. The goal is to offer an RTS strategy previously unknown to the IOS and Android platforms, a game that totally doesn’t suck.

So what’s been missing from the game up until now?

To begin with, although sandbox building is rather interesting to play around with, it doesn’t really lend itself well to demonstrating what the game is supposed to be like, we’re missing one core feature; Combat.

In the next update of AGTTDS I’ll be introducing destructible buildings, a basic objective, enemies to do the damage, a wave combat system, repairing your buildings, a new defensive tower building, and much, much more.

In one of the largest AGTTDS updates yet, we’re finally entering the territory for what can be considered a “game” rather than a tech demo, and I’m excited to see the feedback received on this. I’m in the process of testing a new map rather than a blank red-lined territory. This should make things more interesting than staring at a slate-gray background.

All this is coming in a week-long development cycle, quite a bit is already accomplished through one day of work, see below!


The building that damages itself, truly useless

Look at those Chucks build and repair!

If you or a friend is interested in signing up for the Closed Alpha, you can do so right now! Email green@festivelightsgames.com with your Google Play account email and we’ll add your email to our list of active alpha testers, real quick, real simple! You’ll get a link to the official Google Play store page where you can download once you’ve accepted the Alpha Tester Terms and Conditions.


AGTTDS Release pre-Alpha 0.24 Patchnotes

What’s new?

New Splash logo
– About time

Continued UI additions
– Main menu, isn’t pretty, but works for now
– New Icon
– Modified Debug Menu to allow Main Menu
– UI slide in/out greatly sped up to allow micro-level actions
– 2 levels of importance for menus, fast and slow menus so we can appreciate cool transitions

Data-driven buildings
– Xml based database now implemented
– Buildings take their info from a localized database, may move it to server-side if needed
– Brand new stats are added to the buildings, many of which do nothing right now
– Gold output is much, much different for gold mines
– Laser Fenceposts now build much, much slower to emphasize their weight in setting up defenses

Fixed issue where building placement would be targeted directly under your thumb
– Offset the build position to make building placement more visible

New Particle effect as feedback for building
– Buildings take longer to build and sometimes look like they’re not constructing, this should help

AGTTDS Release pre-Alpha 0.23 Patchnotes

What’s new?

Ui overhaul
– I never liked doing ui, BUT this was kind of fun, flow should be better and much, much more functional than it was before

Town Hall overhaul
– Doesn’t look like a spaceship anymore!

Finally changed single tap and double tap around
– Many people were complaining that the movement and interaction didn’t flow intuitively, swapped around single tap and double tap functionality.
– Let me know if this helps playstyle

Removed Spawn Chuck button
– Single tap on town hall once completed building to spawn a Chuck
– TAP!!!! As long as you have gold for it, tap like a mad(man/woman/person) and Chucks will spawn!

Readjusted Town Hall build effort
– Was originally set extremely low for testing reasons. This should make the Town Hall feel more important

Reduced number of starting Chucks to 1
– Go earn some gold to earn a new chuck

Reduced starting gold amount
– Was originally at 8000g, reduced starting amount to 400g, enough for 2 additional Chucks when you have the Town Hall constructed

Removed Sun Lamp from top-right of play area
– Was originally to test out a future planned feature
– Wonder what that feature could be

Debug Menu
– Automatically assigning Chucks has moved to a debug menu, located bottom-middle of screen
– Resetting Chucks’ jobs is now doable through the debug menu
– Quitting is enabled through debug menu

Quitting fully featured now
– Hitting back button triggers quit menu
– Quit menu can also be accessed through the debug menu for now

Minor tweaks to Chucks
– Now 100% more likely to get your girl

Started work on some Google Sheets integration to hopefully start resource requirements for constructing buildings soon

As always, feedback can be submitted to green@festivelightsgames.com
(I read it all)

AGTTDS Release pre-Alpha 0.21 Patchnotes

New Building!
Laser Fencepost has been added, restricts movement when connected to another post less than 15 meters away

*** Be Careful ***
There currently isn’t any building destruction implemented, and you cannot disable the fences at the moment. It’s entirely possible to accidentally wall off your Town Hall, preventing any extra chucks from entering the main play area
New feature!
Building Guide
-When placing a building, a line-guide will display, alerting you to the fact that the two buildings are exactly lined up.

-If you were tired of buildings not lining up precisely, or having issues due to angle of view, this is going to help you out.

-Makes lining up fenceposts a breeze.

Application Quit!
-You can now quit the application using your back button
-Quitting is single tap for the moment, so be careful not to accidentally push it until I get a doubleTap feature in place
-Placed building ghost now places center of screen instead of Vector3.zero
-Better initial valid placement check
-Expanded valid play area from 76.3m^2 to 80m^2, more area to place buildings
-Replaced Town Hall in a more centered position graphics-wise
-Chucks now no longer get pushed around by building ghosts
-Building ghosts are now much more immediately visible
-Removed building construction site rising from ground, didn’t fit with style
-Lasers will prevent building placement, but will allow the connecting lasers to intersect
-Sun Lamp in top-right of map is substantially larger and harder to build. (gonna need a bunch of Chucks)
-Disabled grid as new feature, Building Guide eliminates the need for it
-Counter at top of screen now properly counts the number of Chucks in your army.
-Camera moved 5m higher, allowing more visibility of buildings
As always, any feedback or bugs can be submitted to me at green@festivelightsgames.com

IGDA Pegjam Post-mortem

First off; news!

I’ve been hard at work developing the map editor to allow door switch and key systems.  This allows players to create map levels with a complex door and key system.

But enough about that, I’ll be covering it more in a coming post!

The IGDA Pegjam Post-mortem is an event hosted by the International Game Developers Association for the Winnipeg Pegjam.  Blue and I spent the weekend developing a game called Electric Scubaloo; a two player competition for loot.

Our lead artist Blue will be presenting a prepared slideshow and demo of the game at the conference, and we’re all excited to see it!

I’ll post screenshots and pictures here after the event.


PegJam 2015 And Electric Scubaloo!

This past weekend Festive Lights Games members Blue and I participated in the local Winnipeg Game Jam, also known as the PegJam. The jam lasted 72 hours and produced a number of excellent games which you can see over here; http://itch.io/jam/winnipeg-and-winnitron-jam

Our entry was a deep-sea diving, competitive treasure collecting adventure called Electric Scubaloo which pits two players against each other using electrified harpoons as weapons. The game was designed for use with the Winnitron but can also be played using Xbox controllers. The quick-paced action game lasts only two minutes, and the competitive gameplay is tough, yet fair.

Gameplay consists of diving to collect the coins that spawn. Being shot with the harpoon stuns you and drops 1/4th of your treasure. Your air bar is directly above your player, and depletes as you’re underwater. Collecting bubbles or returning to the surface recovers your air so you can return to hunting treasure and your opponent. Drowning however incurs a steep penalty! You drop 100% of your treasure and are stunned for a duration after you’re respawned. The player with the most treasure at the end of the game is crowned the winner!

Coming soon will be a post-mortem for the event, and more information will be posted here on the topic as soon as it’s over.


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If you want to play the game, it’s located here; http://eavin.itch.io/electric-scubaloo

Check it out, we worked hard on it!



Voyage Arts hosts our developer, Gudge!

@VoyageArts, an up and coming Winnipeg game development studio invited me to come talk development and source control.  We had a few hours of discussion and sharing, and covered a lot of ground. I had a blast discussing the joy of SourceTree.

On screen is the editor version of my Ludum Dare 32 entry, Cactus Chyps and the Spiky Speary. We discussed a few of the more complicated challenges with creating a game in 48 hours and some of the tools and technical tactics involved.

We all look forward to good things from them in the near future, and as a fellow game development company, we and our community wish them the best!

Check out the tweet –here-.


Special thanks to the Voyage Arts team!


LD32 Voting is done, and I had an amazing time

Last post was from a while back, but things have been happening! GOOD things!

I’d participated in the Ludum Dare 32 Compo and submitted a really cool game.  You can check out the game’s LD32 page –here– and play the actual game –here-.

I really challenged myself in this one, and went a full *48 hours* working on the game. That’s the time from theme announcement on the Friday up until the Sunday when the submissions had to be in. I’m still taking the time to edit and compile the video into a watchable time frame, so that should be coming soon. It was an amazing experience, and I even had the honour of making a presentation of the game at a @NewMediaMB event to discuss my experience. The link to the tweet is –here-.

Overall, this was an amazing experience, and I would absolutely love to participate again, taking the lessons I’ve learned and producing another game for people to see, play and enjoy.

It’s a beautiful honour having people see and play the games you’ve worked so hard on and devoted so much time to, and I appreciate it very much.  Thank you to everyone who’s supported myself and Festive Lights Games through all of this, you mean the world to us.




Progress? We’ve got it!

So what have I been up to for the past few days?

I’ll summarize it just this once;

  1. Performance improvements
  2. New hazard is introduced!
  3. Level loading system is much more streamlined
  4. Adding in ability to share your levels over a worldwide network. (Ratings, downloads, stats!)
  5. Refined some of our pre-existing levels
  6. Map Editor is functioning and letting you save your levels to disk in xml format currently
  7. Some levels are now restricting which bullets you get
  8. Since bullet types can be restricted, I added a bullet pickup that allows a certain colour back into the game
  9. Colour coded destructible walls!

We’re working hard to keep this momentum going, and we’re excited to let you all know more when we can.  Blue and I spend almost two hours every week discussing the future of the project and what we’d like implemented. We’ve come up with a couple of unique and super interesting features that help make the game even more unique. We’re hashing out a story for the game so it isn’t simply arcade chaos (even though chaos can be insanely fun).




Keep up to date with us as we post more progress here, we’ve got a lot on our development plate 🙂


Ludum Dare 32

As part of the worldwide game jam Ludum Dare, I participated in Ludum Dare 32 as a member of the compo.

Ludum Dare is a game making competition with two parts; the first is the Compo, which is a 48 hour from-scratch solo competition. You make all your materials from scratch using tools and your own skills. The second part is the 72 hour Jam, which allows you and friends to make a game together. It’s a day longer, and allows you to collaborate on a project that’s much more refined and polished.

The entry that I’ve submitted was a platformer action puzzler under the Competition’s theme “An Unconventional Weapon”. Using MagicaVoxel, Blender, Unity3d and few other tools, i worked for 48 hours straight on my submission.

After a tiring and complicated time involving lots of pizza, coffee and soda, I got the game done and submitted. Ludum Dare was an amazing time, and I would never hesitate to do it again given the chance.

You can view and rate my entry here, and play the version hosted on Newgrounds here.


Hub room


I had a blast, and I’ll be participating in a talk on the 30th at a local college about it. Hope you enjoy playing my 48 hour submission as much as I enjoyed making it.